Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wonder F**K


I am the Wonderfuck. I’ve got a rocket in my pocket and I live to take you for a ride. I’ve got everything a woman wants, all in one tight, well-muscled, long, hard package. My one goal is to make you come so hard and so often that you finally understand your innate power and how absolutely fucking beautiful you are. Because every woman is beautiful.

Did you catch that? Did you hear it? Did you read it with the soul-searing earnestness with which it was written? Don’t shake your head or nod and skip right on past those so fucking important words.

Every. Woman. Is. Beautiful.

I know all of you sexy women don’t believe it, even if I tell you it’s true. No, you only believe you’re beautiful once I show you just how damn sexy you are. I’ve dedicated my life to tapping into your sensuality and sexuality until it pours from you. I loved once and lost. My heart shattered and I committed myself then to providing women pleasure. I am the Wonderfuck and this is my vocation. Or so I thought.

Until Tara.

My sexy neighbor with her douchenugget ex-fiancĂ©. Tara and I weren’t friends, we were barely acquaintances, until the tears, and the fistfight, and then … the sex.

Now what do I do? I can’t be myself with her, and I can’t be Wonderfuck. I want her, but having Tara means watching the walls of my carefully crafted existence crumble. While I have the strength to provide countless orgasms, I’m not sure if I have the strength to love.


Jake has had some major heart break which has lead him to being closed off to relationships but he has found a way around that to get his physical pleasure without diving in too deep. He has never been blind to his neighbors beauty but she has a boyfriend so he's kept his distance. When things go terribly wrong for his neighbor he can't stay away any longer. Tara seems to understand Jake and it throws him off. She is of course smitten with him and he is surprised with how much he likes spending time with her. There is a tug and pull with Jakes emotions and when he gives in it's almost to much. He has a lot of baggage that needs sorting but he's now all of the sudden ready to dive in with Tara. Well, that is until he finds out about something she did. That is where it ends and book 2 will pick up. Some hot steamy sex scenes. Jake makes you love being a woman.

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