Saturday, March 11, 2017



Rock bottom has built way more champions than privilege ever has. 

Blaire, an underachieving college student with zero prospects and a ton of issues (hey, being the less-successful twin of a gorgeous supermodel would totally do that to you) needs something from Ty. 

Mixed Martial artist Ty, a soon-to-be Welterweight champion of the Xtreme Warrior League and the hottest guy in the Bay Area, wants something from Blaire. 

But Ty has a secret. 
And Blaire can barely even handle his truths. 

Life is about to throw a few knockout punches at both of them. Can they handle the pain?


Blaire is struggling with life and she just happens to be that beautiful girl that has no clue how beautiful she is. Her self esteem issues could be because she has a super model for a twin sister. When she meets Ty she starts getting all kinds of feelings for him even know her brain says it's a bad idea. She certainly doesn't take his crap and he won't give up easily. He finally breaks down her walls just to have it all blow up. Now Blaire is not dealing with his past very well and is a stubborn mule about it. It's a long struggle of conclusion she needs to come to. Ty isn't in a good place but get the kick he needs and once he win's his fight he is going after his girl. If she doesn't come for him first. Some hot sex- nothing to raunchy. Fantastic ending. 


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