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I love reading books Hot Steamy Romance books but I don't not like books with supernatural story lines (vampires, wolves, etc). I suppose when I run out of "normal" people books maybe I'll travel down that road. You can see my book reviews & see if your book fits.

You can email me a kindle version to . If you are gifting me a book through amazon is my amazon email address. In return I will post my personal review on my blog, twitter, good reads, amazon & a link on Pinterest. My review will be how on I felt about the book & the characters no special treatment for gifting me your book. If you want to send me a hard copy just email me for my address.

I  will post the book description then my review. I don't post spoilers because I don't think it's necessary to post spoilers in a book review. My reviews are short and to the point I personally don't like to read lengthily reviews I am looking for a few things when I read a review- a bit about the characters, how much loving is going on and how was the ending so that's how I write my reviews. 

If you would like me to host a giveaway of your book I would be more than happy to put that together as well. I am more than happy to help out authors any way that I can.

Thank you,


Mimi said...

Hi Tracie! I just tried to send an email, but the email address on this page bounced back. I wanted to send you an advance copy of the next two Billionaire books for review. :-)


Tracie Lampe said...

Email is now Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

Sandra Bunino said...

Hi Tracie!

Thanks for following me on Twitter! Your site is great. I'm sending you my contemporary erotic romance novellas for review consideration.


PS I'm not a para romance fan either. :)

Tracie Lampe said...

Hi Sandra,
I look forward to reading your romance Novellas!

Boo Rawlins said...

Hi Tracie,

Which genre besides vampires, would you absolutely not read?

Tamara Hart said...


Love reading your reviews. Gifting you a copy of "Double Sauté" later today and hope you will like it.

Book info is here:



Felicity Johns said...

Hello Tracie,

I have a book, Erotic Passages, at Amazon that I'd love to get your review on. I'm not sure yet how to gift a book, but I have a .pdf of the complete book I could send, but I'm having a hard time finding your email. You can contact me at if you're available for such a review or would like additional info. Thank you for your time, Felicity

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