Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Three, Two, One



Battered, barefoot, and huddled under a bookstore awning in the pouring rain, Blue only knows one thing. After fifteen months of captivity, finally… she is free.


Self-made millionaires JD and Ark are not out to save anyone when they stumble upon a wet and shivering girl one early Sunday morning. But when you sell sex for a living and salvation rings your bell… you answer the call.


After years of searching, love lifts the veil of darkness, and three people—with three very big secrets—find themselves bound together in a relationship that defies the odds.

Or does it?

Love. Lust. Sex. 

This trinity might be perfection… but not everything should come in 3’s.


I have to say this is one of those books I have had in my library for 6 months but I kept putting it off for some reason and let me tell you that was a big mistake!! 
This book will keep you on the edge of your seat up to the very end. Ark is very intense and he is hiding something big but you can never put your finger on what. We don't get JD's side of things but he is more free and may have issues but appears to be an open book. As for Blue, she has gone through a horrible event but she isn't affected like you would expect someone to be. These three come together and it's a tricky road on how they fit together. When they all come to terms with their relationship it doesn't last long. It all blows up and we aren't sure who to believe or what is actually going on. Once the dust settles things become a tad clearer but it doesn't all get laid out until the very end. The sex scenes were hot and some are a bit dark. Fantastic ending.

Sunday, January 29, 2017



Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the system that she is responsible enough to care for Jesse, she takes on the only job available to her—working as a maid at the Matis Estate.

On day one of her new job, Daisy meets Kastor Matis, the only son of the owners and her new boss. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard.

The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his.

But Kas has secrets, too. Secrets that he’s determined to keep.

Secrets make Daisy curious.

And you know what curiosity can do…


Daisy has not had it easy and seems to get the raw end of the stick at every turn. Now that she is free she is going to do everything in her power to get her brother back. When she goes to work for Kas she is taken back with how good looking he his but his crappy mood puts a damper on things. Things are up & down with Kas and Daisy but the sexual tension is palatable. When they finally figure it out things between them it's blissful until something keeps nagging at Daisy. She won't be made a fool of again so she's determined to find out Kas' secret. As you can imagine that doesn't go well. Things come to a head again and this time it's dangerous. When the dust settles Kas has to do what's right for Daisy even if it's heart breaking. They may find a way back to each other but will they be able to pick up where they left off? Good end. Hot sex scenes nothing too raunchy.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Collecting the Pieces


At fifteen I fell in love. His name was Jake Stephens and he took the abandoned, lonely girl I had been and made me whole. His love was a pure and unconditional love that made every day better than the last…a fairy tale of my very own.

But this story isn’t about Jake. It’s about Abel Madden; the man I meet after the fairy tale goes to hell. A cocky, arrogant man who says what he wants, does as he pleases, and makes no excuses for it. He irritates me—downright pisses me off at times—but he also brings me back to life.

My name is Sidney Ellis and this is my story of finding love twice—the first when I needed it most and the second when I never saw it coming.


The beginning of the book is beautiful and I was just on edge waiting for something to happen because we know the book wasn't about Jake but Abel. It was heart breaking to say the least. When Sidney finally get a fresh start & runs into Abel it's electrifying. Abel is a fowl mouthed beautiful bad boy. Sidney doesn't take his crap which makes him want her more. They try to keep their distance for several reasons but eventually it's too much and they dive in. It's a rocky road on if or how they will make it work. Once things are on the road to HEA danger lurks and could tear it all apart. Some steamy hot sex scenes - nothing too detailed or ranch. Fantastic ending. 


Monday, January 23, 2017

Selling Out to the Billionaire


He's rich, arrogant, and he's about to make me lose everything.
Derek Connway is my first client. I was so excited about selling a house and finally making some money. But I never expected him to be the client from hell.
Even if he's got abs of steel and a jaw that could cut through glass, the guy is completely awful. I'd punch him if I wasn't busy drooling on his shined shoes.
Nothing I show him is good enough. In fact, the only thing that has caught his attention is... me.
How can he eye-screw me while scolding me at the same time? And why does it turn me on so much?
If I don't get him to close on a deal soon, I'll end up on the street. I'd work with someone else but Derek won't let me. He demands all of my time.
Just when I think I've given him enough, he asks for more.
How far does he plan to push me?
And what if I can't say no?


Penelope is running out of time to start making some money & lucky for her the first client she gets is a smoking hot billionaire. Derek is hot & cold with her and has her running in circles to sell him a house. I didn't connect with the characters there just wasn't enough depth to them. Once Penelope throws a fit about him not buying a house he crumbles and reveals he's in love with her and all anyone ever wants from him is money. Some hot sex scenes.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Finding Kyle


When you’ve lived your life as a criminal…
When you’ve done unspeakable things …
When your soul has become dark and stained…

The path to redemption begins where you least expect it.

Kyle Sommerville is in hiding and doesn’t want to be found by anyone. Certainly not by his quirky, free-spirited neighbor who’s managed to push her way past the walls he’s built around him. But Jane Cresson’s indomitable will and insatiable curiosity about her reclusive neighbor makes it impossible for Kyle to stay immersed in his dark world.

Little by little, she claws through his shell.
Day by day, she gets him to smile a little more.
Night by night, they both find pleasure they never knew existed.

When Kyle’s terrible past is exposed, Jane begins to think she’s in over her head. Can her love for this broken man finally clear his path to redemption, or will Kyle’s darkness finally extinguish every bit of hope she’s put into him?


Jane is fun, quirky and beautiful and she really wants to get to know her hot neighbor. Kyle wants to lay low and get out of this sleepy town as soon as he can but his smoking hot neighbor won't give up. When he finally lets his guard down Jane makes an impression that only happens once in a lifetime and Kyle can't stay. Jane accepts Kyle's terms for now but when things come to a head and blow up she is the first to go running. Once the dust settles Kyle was resigned to have lost the love of his life until he gets that push that he needs to go after her. Now they will have to sort their feels and see if they have a future. The sex scenes were hot hot hot. Fantastic ending.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Purest Hook


Can a love built on secrets survive?

Rugged, hot, and rock hard, Dred Zander is exactly the type of man that normally sends Pixie running. Not dreaming about running her hands down his washboard abs...and lower. The lead singer and guitarist for the band Preload embodies trouble behind his quick smile and guarded eyes, and Pixie left trouble behind her years ago along with the name Sarah Jane Travers and the pathetic trailer her mom called home. With her abusive past in her past, she has a new life, a new family at Second Circle, and a dream of opening her own business. She needs capital and time. What she doesn't need is a tempting long-haired rocker or the paparazzi that follow him around.

But Dred has other ideas. Pixie's sweet hazel eyes, purple hair and kaleidoscopic tattoo of exotic flowers that swirl up her arm haunt his dreams, and he knows she wants him too. He just has to convince her. But as a juicy exposé threatens to expose their pasts, and a blackmailer terrorizes their present, Pixie and Dred have to decide what really matters and fight like hell to keep it.


Pix is a cute talented girl with a broken past. Now that she has a fresh start in life with a real family things couldn't be better. Dred is a rock god that has lived a horrible childhood but he has his band of brothers and life is good. He has eyes for Pix but he's not sure if he has a future to offer her but that's ok because she turns him down at every turn. When these two finally get close enough Dred decides he can't help himself when it comes to Pix. As they navigate through Pix's hang ups & Dred's current issue Pix's past creeps back into her life. When Dred finds out a small part of that past he goes running. They are both heart broken but Dred has to decide if he loves Pix enough to hear her story. The sex scenes are hot hot hot. Lots of issues to wade through but a HEA is in sights for these two. Fantastic ending .

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

EGO Maniac Blog Tour Stop

The night I met Drew Jagger, he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office.
I dialed 9-1-1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills.
He quickly restrained me, then chuckled, finding my attempted assault amusing. 

Of course, my intruder had to be arrogant.
Only, turned out, he wasn’t an intruder at all. 

Drew was the rightful occupant of my new office.  He’d been on vacation while his posh space was renovated.
Which was how a scammer got away with leasing me office space that wasn’t really available for rent. 
I was swindled out of ten grand.

The next day, after hours at the police station, Drew took pity on me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  In exchange for answering his phones while his secretary was out, he’d let me stay until I found a new place.
I probably should have acted grateful and kept my mouth shut when I overheard the advice he was spewing to his clients.  But I couldn’t help giving him a piece of my mind.
I never expected my body to react every time we argued.  Especially when that was all we seemed to be able to do.

The two of us were complete opposites. Drew was a bitter, angry, gorgeous-as-all-hell, destroyer of relationships.  And my job was to help people save their marriages.
The only thing the two of us had in common was the space we were sharing. 
And an attraction that was getting harder to deny by the day. 
Available for Pre-order on iBooks, B&N, Google Play, and Kobo now!
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Emerie & Drew's first meeting is a bit awkward and a tad bit funny. It seems life keeps thrown Emerie curveballs at every turn. Drew is taken with Emerie and they have an easy connection that he can't deny. The more they get to know each other the more they just fit together. When they take the leap to more it's an easy leap. However, life is never easy and when Drew's life gets turned upside down Emerie is the first person he pushes away. Once she's gone he comes to the realization that life without her is no life at all. Hot and steamy sex scenes. Fantastic ending.

Get your copy here!

Google Play  ➜ http://smarturl.it/xmkkyl 
Paperback ➜ http://amzn.to/2eSNlub


Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author. With more than a million books sold, her titles have appeared in over fifty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twelve languages.  She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017



Can their romance survive when the truth comes out? 

He’s a bad boy trying to be good… 
Ford’s gone from hard-partying playboy to responsible CEO. Since he inherited his father’s billion-dollar corporation, he has everything to prove. 

He also has a secret. 

Her name is Autumn, and her voice is perfect. Sometimes sweet and innocent, sometimes sultry and seductive, but always exactly right. 

Ford can’t help wanting a real relationship with the woman on the other end of the phone. He just has to make sure she never learns how much he really knows about her… and why. 

She’s a good girl pretending to be bad… 
Autumn’s job at the fantasy hotlines helps pay the bills—and with a younger sister to raise, she has a lot of bills. The shy 23-year-old is good at role-playing. She’s an innocent girl next door for one caller, a naughty nurse for the next… anyone but herself. 

Except with Ford. He’s the one man who never asks for fake moans or empty flirtations. He wants the girl behind the fantasy… the real Autumn. And she can’t help wishing he were more than a voice in the night. 

When Autumn’s in danger and Ford rushes to her rescue, their unlikely connection becomes a Cinderella story. But Autumn has a secret of her own… one that could tear apart their fairy-tale romance. 


I couldn't quite figure out why a handsome billionaire was calling a sex hotline 3x's a week to only talk with Autumn (or Summer). Autumn looks forward to Ford's calls more than she cares to admit and when something scary happens she has to make a decision to fully trust him. Autumn is caught by surprise by how handsome Ford is and she can't quite believe that he would be interested in her.  Ford wants to be the Price Charming and swoop in and make Autumn's life better but Autumn doesn't want someone to fix her life. As things develop we find out that both of them are hiding things which might destroy the relationship. When each secret blows up they have to fight to keep the relationship. Some hot scenes but nothing too over the top. Fantastic ending. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Allure of Dean Harper


From: LilyNBlack@Gmail.com
To: JosephineKeller@VogueMagazine.com
Subject: You're a flippin' idiot

Good morning my dear, naive friend,

I hope you're enjoying a breakfast of regret and sorrow.


Because you sent me to work for Dean Harper, aka a control freak in a tailor-made suit. Sure he owns the trendiest restaurants in NYC, but c'mon Jo, his ego makes Kanye West look like the Dalai Lama.

He's the type of guy that only hears the word "no" when it's followed by "don't stop."

Working for Dean Harper would be like selling my soul to the devil...and before you say anything, I don't care if the devil has punch-you-in-the-gut brown eyes and an ass to match. My soul isn't for sale.

Regretfully yours,


I fell in love with Lily in the "The Allure of Julian Lefray" she is funny, outrageous, out spoken and beautiful. She happens to be in the restaurant business and she has the credentials to back it up.  When she moves to New York to kick her career into high gear she gets more than she bargained for when it comes to Dean Harper. Dean is a control freak and when he meets Lily for the first time he is not in control of his feels so he does what he does best and he's a jerk to her. These two can't just walk away from each other since their best friends are dating but it's a bit deeper than that. When they end up working together things get intesnse. Lily takes the bull by the horns and cuts through that sexual tension with offering up a night of hot hot hot sex. Things are off the charts hot but the next day things get ugly. It's a rough road for them and when Dean finally pulls his head out of his butt it just might be too late. Fantastic ending. Bonus we get more of Julian and Jo!!