Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Gentleman Mentor

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She’s a client. That’s all. 

Or it should be. 

But with every lesson, she’s becoming more. 

The secrets I’m hiding behind the image of the Gentleman Mentor make telling her the truth—and having anything real—impossible. 

I’m training her for another man, and that fact guts me every time I think of it. 

I know she’s not mine … but part of me won’t accept that. 

Am I willing to risk it all to keep her? 

He calls himself the Gentleman Mentor. 

Just reading his ad makes me feel more alive than I have in years. 

He promises to teach me the art of seduction … and show me the most sinfully erotic pleasures. He’s going to help me become the kind of confident, sexy woman men can’t ignore.

Six lessons … with the most gorgeous man … who happens to be a Dom. 

The only problem … now that I’ve experienced his brand of delectable domination will anyone else ever compare? 


Brielle has no luck with men and the one man she has wanted for the last 5 years just doesn't see her. She is desperate to find a man so she know she needs to change and who better to help her do that than the Gentleman Mentor.  Once things get settled there is no denying these two have chemistry. There are a few things that Hale is hiding but they all come out eventually. Hale knows he's in too deep that he needs to walk away from Brielle and when he does things go from bad to worse. Brielle knows she wasn't supposed to fall for him but she couldn't help it now she isn't just heart broken she is crushed. It takes time and some chance meetings for Brielle to see what's right in front of her. Now for her grand gesture. A lot of hot, steamy, juicy sex scenes. Fantastic ending. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016


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The Bad Boy Games: there's nothing they won't do, no line they won't cross. 


When it comes to bad boys, I'm smart enough to look and not touch. When it comes to Nathan, all I want to do is touch. . . 

To get my little sister out of trouble, I have to play the game, his twisted game. The worst part? I love it. I didn't intend things to work out this way. I knew I was in over my head, but some part of me believed in him, that he really would help us. 

The whole crazy thing began with a pair of red shoes and a contract. Now he thinks I belong to him. The scary part? He might be right. 


Brooke thinks she's playing to save her sister. The truth? She's just another pawn running out of time. . . 

So what? Her illusions aren't my issue. She also thinks I'm using her for my own dirty reasons, that I'm just another player. She might be right, but what I want is to move up in the organization and take my rightful seat at the table. I'm smart enough to realize that dream's likely never going to come true. 

Still, the job has its perks, and one of them is that sweet redhead. I'm going to get my fill while I can--because the one thing the bosses can't take away from me--I play for keeps. 


Things have been tough for Brooke and just seem to get getting tougher by the day. When her friend asks her to join her on a night out on the town she can't refuse then she finds out about the mess her friend has gotten herself into & she can't walk away. Nathan spots her as soon as she walks in the club but duty calls before he can make his move. When they finally do come face to face Brooke throws caution to the wind and Nathan looses his head when it comes to her. Before long Brooke finds out her sister is in a big mess so she is forced to save her. Nathan ends up by her side and even know she doesn't know him she trusts him. It's a hot mess that you won't be able to figure out but Brooke takes chances to save everyone & Nathan has finally found a women he can fall for. Some hot steamy sex scenes. Good ending. 

Friday, February 26, 2016


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The minute any woman walks into my bar, I can tell two things about her: what she wants to drink, and how she likes to f*ck.

I’m Cash: bartender at the hottest bar in Atlanta. I’ve got girls lining up around the block, and they all know the rules: no strings, no promises, and no morning-after snuggling. You want brunch? Call your sister. You want the best sex of your life? Call me. Or better yet, just drop by the bar anytime. Clothing optional.

There’s a reason they call me a sexy bastard. 
And yes, I really am that good.


Cash & Savannah have some pretty strong sexual tension going on but Cash is a hit it and quit it kind of guy where Savannah has a 5 year plan when it comes to relationships. Beside there friends forbid they from hooking up but you always want what you can't have. Cash and Savannah are friends and when Cash comes to her rescue things starts flowing for them. Savannah is afraid to ask what the future holds for them and Cash doesn't want to be in anyone else bed but her's. Cash is hiding his families dirty laundry not only from Savannah but all of his friends too. It's not as bad as he feels like it is but to each their own. When things come to a head Savannah cuts and runs but Cash isn't going  to let her go so easily. Cash now has to face his past in order to have a future with Savannah. The sex scenes were hot. The ending was good. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hot New Release "Second Chances" by Rebecca Brooke

Second Chances BannerSecond-Chances


Just another one night stand…
Ryann despised the thought, but it was the only one she could draw when she woke up in an empty bed. Tired of being let down by everyone she cared about--aside from her brother--Ryann begins taking her life back, pushing back at all the bad and ugly life tosses at her.
Ryder knew the moment he left Ryann alone in bed he'd made a mistake. Running and hiding from his family for years, Ryder didn't want to pull her into that life. She deserved more than constantly moving from place to place.
Ryann just can't push again. Life is winning and she just wants to lay down and give up. Now, she must make a decision: to run from the truth, or step up and admit what she's known all along. And Ryder... nine months later and he can't get Ryann out of his head. He wants her more than he wants to run.
But there's a terrible truth he has to face: it might be too late for Ryann to give Ryder his second chance.
Second Chances Teaser 3

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Second Chances Teaser 2

About the Author

Rebecca lives near the shore towns of New Jersey, with her husband and two kids. When she's not writing she loves reading and watching SOA and TrueBlood.
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"Dared" Blog Tour Stop

Title: Dared (The Boneyard Bad Boy Series )
Author: Kristina Borden 
Model: Robert Simmons 
Photographer : Cassandra Roop (PINK INK DESIGNS  ) 


I am Damien Cole. Manager of Dallas' Top Tattoo Shop "The Boneyard." 

I play the game by my own set of rules. I discard women left and right.

Their only purpose is to cater to my sexual appetite. No woman will ever

tame my bad boy ways. I am at the top of my game. 


I am Summer Montgomery. My face has graced magazine covers all across the world. My looks will deceive you. I am a bad girl with a smart ass mouth and the attitude to back it up. Playing with me is like playing with fire. I will consume 

you and swallow you whole. 

When faced with temptation, which of these two badasses will fall first?


Damien & Summer have a long history but Damien has too many demons standing in the way for a future. After a long time apart Summer needs to go home and find herself little did she know her feelings for Damien would come crashing back full force. The games these two play are Hot hot hot. The sexual tension will burn up your eReader. When things finally come to a head and Summer lays it out there for Damien he once again lets those demons lead him away from Summer. It's hard to say who should make the first move but they end up doing it at the same time. Things go from starting to come together to things kind of falling apart again. Its a long road but they finally find their way back to what was always meant to be. The sex scenes where off the charts hot. The ending was fantastic. 

Kristina Borden is an emerging indie author from Corsicana, Texas. 
She grew up just across the river from New Orleans, LA in a town called Pearl River.
She later relocated to North Louisiana when she moved in with her mother as a teenager. She has one sister, Tracey, who is her best friend. 
She is currently married to her husband Robert, and has a step-son and
her fur baby, a shih-tzu, named Chew Chew.

She has been writing poetry from a young age. Two years ago her life was altered when 
she found out her sister was in Stage 5 kidney failure. She then decided to finally 
do something with her writing. Her first book, The Imperfect Gift, is loosely based on
her sister and while it is fiction, a lot of the events in the book are not. 

Her love and passion for reading has propelled her forward in her journey to reach 
people with her writing. 

Kristina has other current works in progress. As a multi-genre author, she writes what 
inspires her and does not limit herself to one genre.

Author Page Instagram: @authorkborden

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Soulless" by T.M. Frazier is LIVE!

Bear & Thia’s epic is FINALLY HERE!



Haven’t read this series yet?
Barnes & Noble:
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About the Author:

T.M. Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and young daughter. When she's not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading, and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance. has a beach in it!

Stalk Her: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads.


Hot New Release "Bad Boy" & Giveaway!!

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Bad Boy by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele
Release Date: February 23rd, 2016
Full length, 350pp
I should have seen it coming.
Sexy? Handsome? Trouble? Check, check, and check.
Is he messing up my life? Hell yes.
All the signs are there: he is a bad boy.
Even his name is a lie. Too bad I married him. I can't wait to get divorced. Does this make me sound crazy?
I know I should avoid him, run as fast as I can. However, when a harmless misunderstanding lands me in a foreign prison cell, my dear, lying husband is the only one who can get me out. Crap. I shouldn't accept.

But how to say no to trouble when said trouble is the one who makes me fantasize all the dirty things he could do to me?



Author J.C. REED
Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

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BAD BOY by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele is now available worldwide
on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vegas Baby

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Crew Forrester is the ultimate Vegas playboy.

He's never played a card game he couldn’t beat and never met a showgirl he couldn’t bed. He plays by his own rules, and he plays to win.

At twenty-four, he's on top of the world, basking in his bachelorhood one debaucherous night at a time, when an early morning knock on his door changes everything.

He's a daddy. He has a daughter. And he's never changed a diaper in his life.

But just when he's getting a grip on this whole fatherhood thing, he meets Calypso, the intriguing lavender-and-patchouli-scented hippie in the apartment next door. She refuses to discuss her past, but Crew didn't win a dozen high stakes poker tournaments without learning a thing or two about reading people.

She’s hiding something.

But Calypso’s not just a mystery, she’s the ultimate jackpot. And Crew's bet money before but never happiness. If he wants her, he'll have to take the biggest gamble of his life. But having her for his own would be the ultimate win.


Calypso has an interesting painful past. She is just floating through life but when she meets Crew & Emma her life gets flipped upside down. Crew isn't one to settle down and for the life of him he can't figure out why he wants to be around Calypso all the time. It's a rocky road as they figure out what the future holds. Calypso's past comes barging into her life to yet turn it upside down once again. Crew has a hateful family that causes some stressful situations. Crew is the one that will take the lead and lay his cards on the table now- Calypso will need to decide if she is ready to stop floating and put down some roots. Some hot, juicy sex scenes. Fantastic ending. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


ebook erotica review lady porn

Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right? 

Not when it’s Justin…the only person I’d ever loved…who now hates me.

When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.

The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.

The same teenager who’s now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match.

I hadn’t seen him in years, and now we’re living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.

The worst part? He didn’t come alone.

I’d soon realize there’s a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all…the boy is still there. So is our connection. 

The problem is…now that I can’t have Justin, I’ve never wanted him more.


Their story goes from Present to Past for a tad bit but this is so we can see how close Justin & Amelia were as kids and how much they counted on each other. It's painful to see how much they belonged together but couldn't be. Justin was down right mean to Amelia but she knew she messed up so she just put on a happy face and took it. Justin isn't that innocent in his role but he still won't let Amelia have her say. The sexual tension is off the charts with these two and just when you think things are going to work out something get's throw in their path. It's a rocky road and one I wan't sure was going to have a HEA but thankfully it came just took some time. Some hot scenes. Fantastic ending.