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Nomad Kind of Love

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June Daniels watched helplessly as the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club destroyed everything she ever cared about. The ruthless gang controls her shattered life, condemning her to darkness without end...until she meets him.

Aaron “Maverick” Sturm doesn't know what it means to settle down. The President of the Prairie Devils Nomads charter is way too hardened, untamable, and dominant for any old lady.

But when he's sent West to establish a new charter, the beautiful woman he takes as collateral from the Grizzlies upends everything. Instincts Aaron never knew existed start to rage, primal desires to love and protect her in his bed, on his bike, and in his heart.

This bad boy loves a challenge. Claiming broken, mysterious June is his fiercest ever.

She can't forsake her need for vengeance on the Grizzlies. He can't let go, even when giving her what she needs most brings savage politics and blood war between MCs.

Will June find love and justice with her outlaw savior – or will her bitter determination ruin the man she loves and his club?


I don't know much about June's childhood but she does go through some horrific events. She is a fighter and when she lays eyes on Maverick something changes. She fights him tooth and nail but she knows deep down there's more to him than his rough exterior. Maverick has never claimed a women - never saw the point. When he see's June he knows he will have her. Things get dangers and at times I didn't see how they were going to make it out alive. Hot, juicy, steamy sex scenes. Lot's of violence. Fabulous ending. 

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"The Way We Break" Release Day Blitz with Giveaway!!

Happy release day, Cassia! The Way We Break is book 2 in Cassia’s The Story of Us series and is available today!

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 The Way We Break is the stunning continuation of the bestselling Story of Us series from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo. The truth about Hallie has torn Houston and Rory apart for a second time. Houston is finally unburdened of the secret his sister confided in him, but now he must deal with the aftermath. He has vowed to set things right for Rory, and he's determined to get her back. But the destruction left in the wake of Hallie's letter is not the only obstacle he must face. Houston must find a way to win Rory back by showing her their story isn't over yet. In her desperation to move past the anguish of Hallie's secret and Houston’s lies, Rory seeks solace in Liam. When Liam is transferred to another tech company in California, Rory jumps at his invitation to leave Portland, and her broken heart, behind. In California, Rory finds a friend who opens new doors for her in the literary world. But does this new friend have ulterior motives? The Way We Break is the second book in The Story of Us Series, which follows the tumultuous love story of Rory and Houston. 
The third and final book in the series, The Way We Rise, will be released September 2015.  



September 5, 2014

I want to storm out of this office and never come back, but I promised myself I would do the mature thing and make it through at least four counseling sessions. This therapist better up his game and start reining in Tessa’s hysterics. I can’t take much more of this.
“Okay, let’s try something different,” Mansfield says, sitting up straighter in his chair. “How about we do an exercise? Why don’t the both of you each give me three positive things that will come out of this divorce?”
My mind instantly conjures Rory’s face. The one positive thing that will come out of this divorce: I’ll be free to make room for her in my life. Then I try to think of three things I love the most about her, but it’s hard to narrow it down. Her vanilla-scented hair is pretty high on the list. Her constant movie references. Her creamy skin and the way it feels when her legs are wrapped around me. Her many facial expressions: adorably confused, scary angry, her come-fuck-me expression, and, my personal favorite, her smile. But it seems all she’s done lately is cry.
Which is why I’m stumbling my way through these counseling sessions. It’s why I’m giving Rory the space she needs to work things out with her parents. I just hope her father took my threat seriously.
I’ve wanted to throttle that son of a bitch for nearly six years, but I’ve put it off because of Rory. After she tossed me out of her life last week, I had nothing left to lose. I showed up at his law offices in downtown Portland and managed to finesse my way past the receptionist. I found the glass-walled conference room where James stood at the head of a long mahogany table. He was in the middle of a meeting, but not for long.
I stepped into the conference room and pointed at him. “You and I need to talk. Now.”
“We’re in the middle of a meeting,” said a blonde woman sitting in a chair a few feet away from me.
“No, it’s fine, Christina,” James said, making his way toward me. “Carry on without me. I won’t be long.”
I clenched my fists as I followed him to his corner office. The first thing I saw when I stepped inside was the row of framed pictures on the console table behind his desk. There were two pictures of James and Rory together, one of him kissing her forehead as they stood next to a backyard grill. The other picture was obviously from the family vacation they took to Hawaii when Rory was in high school. I couldn’t remember how old she was during that vacation, but I found myself wondering if Hallie had already developed a crush on James by then.
This thought made me more sad than angry. How would Hallie feel if she knew why I was here? What would she think of the way I’ve handled her secret?
James’s office smelled of leather and hardwood. It reeked of money, with the tufted leather armchair behind the mahogany desk and the walls lined in bookshelves and certificates. Light poured in through the window painting a silver glow over every gleaming surface. But that was only the first impression. Upon further inspection, an uneasy feeling rippled through me.
The stain on the mahogany desk didn’t match the stain on the mahogany shelves. And the leather chairs appeared worn, as if all these pieces were scrabbled together from purchases made at a used office furnishings warehouse. I tried to determine what this said about James, but I didn’t know if it meant he was pragmatically frugal, or maybe he took on a lot of pro bono cases. Did that mean I should admire him? The man who was once an activist, fighting for the rights of the wrongfully accused, until he settled down and had a family.

 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time watching old reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. When she’s not watching reruns, she’s usually enjoying the California sunshine or reading – sometimes both. 
Come chat with her on 
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Illegal Fortunes

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If she was such a good fortune-teller, she should've seen it coming. But part-time Tarot-reader Selena Moon is as surprised as anyone when Jim Bishop, the bad boy she left behind, returns from who-knows-where to reclaim the one girl he could never forget. Torn between her new life down South and family obligations up North, Selena has no time for love, romance, or any other complication. And who can blame her? The first guy to claim her heart, along with her innocence, spoiled her for the safer, easier guys who came after. 

Armed, dangerous, and still smarting from Selena's teary rejection years earlier, Bishop vowed never to return to the city of his youth, where he excelled at two things – inviting trouble and making a mess of things, particularly his relationship with the only girl he ever loved. She's fearful of repeating the past. He's never been afraid of anything – until now. Because with murder and mayhem surrounding Selena, fate, along with an unwelcome rival, might steal her away before he finally has the chance to win her back for now and always. 


I got a bit of Bishop in "Unbelonging" and he was a jerk. I can't say he is any better at the beginning of this book but by the end he redeems himself. Selena may be from Michigan but she is not a fan of the winters. For this reason she splits her time between Michigan and Alabama where it's warm. She hasn't seen her first and only love, Bishop in years, not since she left after he altered her future and backed her into a corner.  Now he's back in their hometown but why? Selena doesn't have time to figure out what Bishop is up too she has a crisis on her hands and work piling up. Folks are getting murdered all around her and she is determined to find out who is behind it all. Things get dangerous and in the middle of it Bishop is there by her side even if she pushes him away. When the air between  them gets cleared they are finally able to move forward with each other but it's not that easy there's danger out there and it's still a bumpy road to bliss for these two. Some hot sex scenes - nothing detailed or raunchy. Fabulous ending. I would love a book from Bishop's POV.

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ebook erotica review lady porn sports romance

With a famous NHL player for a step-brother, Violet Hall is well acquainted with the playboy reputation many hockey stars come with. She’s smart enough to steer clear of those hot, well-built boys with unparalleled stamina. That is until she meets the legendary team captain—Alex Waters.

Violet isn’t interested in his pretty, beat-up face, or his rock-hard six-pack abs. But when Alex inadvertently obliterates Violet’s previous misapprehension regarding the inferior intellect of hockey players, he becomes more than just a hot body with a face to match.

In what can only be considered a complete lapse in judgment, Violet finds out just how good Alex is with the hockey stick in his pants. But what starts out as a one-night stand, quickly turns into something more. Post-night of orgasmic magic, Alex starts to call, and text, and e-mail and send extravagant—and quirky—gifts, making him difficult to ignore, and even more difficult not to like.

The problem is, the media portrays Alex as a total player, and Violet doesn’t want to be part of the game.


I heard a lot of great things about this book and I can say that they were all true. 
This book is the right amount of Hot & Hilarious. 
Violet is of course beautiful but she has wildly inappropriate verbal diarrhea that is laugh out loud hilarious. When she meets Alex she quickly discourse he's more than a pretty face. Against her better judgment she takes a leap of faith with him. Things are hot & blissful but there's something up with Alex that she can't put her finger on. He totally messing things up in a big way. Now Alex has lost Violet he is desperately trying to explain things to her but is blocked at every turn.  Now he has one shot and he's hoping like hell it works because a life without Violet isn't much of a life at all. 
Hot, hot, hot sex scenes. Fantastic ending. 


"I moan like a street walker. Like, really, it's an outlandish porn star moan."

"Alex is in serious boob nuzzle"

"I hit the floor with a wince; my cooter has been in an epic battle-with a cock monster."

"His sexy-as-fuck sleepy voice wakes up my beaten-down beaver."

"The sexual tension in the car is thick like potato leek soup."

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ebook erotica review lady porn

How do you come back from the biggest screw-up of your life? That's the question for Lawton Rastor, the billionaire bad boy from Detroit, after he lets the girl of his dreams not just slip through his fingers, but run away, fast – and with good reason. How do you resist a guy who's irresistible? That's the question for Chloe Malinski, the world's most overqualified waitress, after a nightmarish night leaves her vowing to avoid her fantasy guy for good – no matter how hard he works to win her back.

Chloe finds Lawton impossible to resist. Lawton finds Chloe impossible to forget. But finding that place to belong isn't easy when neither one knows where the other truly comes from. 


Chloe still hasn't come clean to Lawton about her house sitting gig- which of course is silly but in her mind she just wants to belong somewhere. When things go horribly wrong and Lawton gets the wrong idea Chloe is done with him. Chloe did the right thing by walking away but her heart is telling her she didn't. When she finds herself in a predicament she has no choice but to call Lawton to bail her out. What she is about to put him through is more than any person should be asked to take. Lawton really sets up and proves himself to Chloe and she is ready for a future with him. Things still get a little wild. Not much sex in this one but the ending was amazing. I can't wait to dive into Bishop's book "Illegal Fortunes"

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That Girl

ebook erotica review lady porn sports romance

This book is about That Girl...

The girl who leaves behind her past, including her name; runs away from home and vows to never let another identity claim her again. Broken dreams, an abusive step-dad and ugly memories from her childhood are the only shattered remnants that have the ability to haunt her. 

With no money, an endless blank slate laying ahead of her and no hopes for the future, she sets out to survive at minimum wage jobs, moving from town to town, changing her name with each move, and never allowing glimpses of her past to threaten her empty future.  

Average in every way, from her looks to her personality and even her style, there is not much to remember about her. When she abandons one town for another, she leaves behind her fake identity in the search of the next one, while leaving people asking themselves, “I wonder what ever became of that girl.”

This was her reality until Lincoln Wilks.

The number one defensive football player in Fort Collins who finally names That Girl.


There's so many names she goes by that it's heart wrenching to follow her town to town never making a connection with anyone. She connect with folks a little more at each stop but never enough to stay. When she meets Lincoln things change and she can't stop thinking about him. Her first instincts are to run but for once in her life she wants to try and stay. It's a struggle for her but Lincoln seems to know just what she needs when she needs it. Just when they find their rhythm and things are on the upward swing it get's all blown to hell. Now Lincoln might have lost her forever. Some hot steamy sex scenes - nothing too detailed or raunchy. Can't wait to dive into "The Game" and book #3 "Her Soldier" so pay attention to Jenni in this book because she gets the spot light in this book. 

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One Starry Night

ebook erotica review lady porn rock star romance

This novelette was previously released as part of the Some Like it Hot Anthology (no longer in print).

Michelle isn't sure why she decided to come to her high school reunion, but she's glad she did. There she reunites with the nice boy she should have dated in high school--millionaire Devlin McAllister--and the bad boy she wished she hadn't--Sinners' roadie Jake Tremaine. The problem lies in the fact that she's now attracted to both of men; she wants both of them, but how can she possibly choose between two gorgeous men both vying for her attention? Why should she have to? 


Olivia Cunning knows how to write hot steamy rocker romance so it's no surprise that this little novella is Smok'n hot.
 Michelle wasn't very nice in high school and now she has the chance to at least try to make things right. When the she comes face to face with two men from her past who have grown up to be seriously hot she isn't excepted to choose one is she? things escalate pretty quick and these men aren't afraid to face their true feelings. One very hot night has them all ready to grab on to an unconventional future. Fabulous ending but I would love a little more of what the future holds for these 3. 

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Object of his Desire

ebook erotica review lady porn college romance sports

Sometimes life presents us with inexorable pain and formidable choices. Nevaeh Hewett knows this struggle of duplicity well. Her mother was diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer during her sophomore year of high school. Without family to lean on during this difficult time, the world comes crashing down around her. Sometimes comfort comes from where you least expect it. In this instance, it comes in the form of Landon Blake—the school’s star quarterback. He becomes her rock as she deals with her mother’s sickness. Their love blossoms, until circumstances force Nevaeh to make a difficult decision. She chooses a path that is at odds with her morality, but is a path that is necessitous. She is forced to walk away from her one true love, thus getting reacquainted with the pain.

Two years later marks the chance for a new beginning— or so she thinks. After Nevaeh’s mother loses the battle to cancer, her best friend insists that she joins her at FSU. This is a chance to start a new chapter in life so she accepts. She isn’t ready for the introduction to her new roommate Thor. He is cocky, gorgeous, and taken by their other roommate Giselle. Unbeknownst to the others, Nevaeh and Thor share a secret. Sparks fly as these three embark into a love triangle like no other. When all of the secrets and lies are out in the open, which will be the object of his desire?


I enjoyed this book but I have to say it was heavy on the drama, almost too much.
 Nevaeh breaks Landon's heart and her's in the process but it's what's best for him. Her focus has been her mother and now is her time to focus on herself. Things couldn't be more ironic than actually ending up in the same apartment as Landon but maybe things were just meant to be. It's a rocky road these two are on and a lot of hate is rolling off of Landon. Once Landon learns somethings these two can't keep their hands off each other. Of course as I read I am just on edge waiting for the epic blow up about to happen.  The plot just thickens as the story goes and the lies pile up. Eventually things start to unravel and everything gets revealed but is it too late for Landon and Nevaeh? A lot of hot steamy sex scenes. Fabulous ending.

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ebook erotica review lady porn

With an accounting degree that's getting her nowhere, Chloe Malinski spends her nights waitressing and her days housesitting in a neighborhood that's infinitely beyond her reach or comfort zone. But she knows all too well that no one wants a pauper in their mansion, so she's gotten good – maybe a little too good – at faking it 'til she makes it.

With more baggage than any airline, Lawton Rastor made his money through prizefighting – and not the kind with padded gloves and some bowtie-wearing referee. He made it through the gritty, back alley kind where sweaty money changed hands over beer and bimbos.

She's a poor girl from Hamtramck. He's a billionaire bad boy from Detroit. They should've never crossed paths. But when they do, thanks to Chloe's latest housesitting gig, the collision of sparks, secrets, and misunderstandings leaves both of them yearning to belong exactly where they shouldn't – with each other. 


Chloe is a beautiful girl that is just focused on surviving. She has a college degree but she has yet to land her dream job and even when she thinks it's going to happen it all gets burned down. In the mean time she is house sitting in the lap of luxury with a smoking hot neighbor that tends to hang outside his mansion without a shirt on. These two form a friendship but Chloe won't tell Lawton anything about her real life she figures what ever it is between them will sizzle out before the homeowners come back. Lawton has his own secrets but to me Chloe's are the one's that will make their relationship crumble. I'm am waiting for the other shoe to drop most of the book and when things blow up it's not how I had expected nor is the ending. Cliffhanger. Some hot sex scenes - nothing to raunchy. Make sure you have book 2 ready "Reblonging" 

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The Mistake

ebook erotica review lady porn college students

He’s a player in more ways than one…

College junior John Logan can get any girl he wants. For this hockey star, life is a parade of parties and hook-ups, but behind his killer grins and easygoing charm, he hides growing despair about the dead-end road he’ll be forced to walk after graduation. A sexy encounter with freshman Grace Ivers is just the distraction he needs, but when a thoughtless mistake pushes her away, Logan plans to spend his final year proving to her that he’s worth a second chance.

Now he’s going to need to up his game…

After a less than stellar freshman year, Grace is back at Briar University, older, wiser, and so over the arrogant hockey player she nearly handed her V-card to. She’s not a charity case, and she’s not the quiet butterfly she was when they first hooked up. If Logan expects her to roll over and beg like all his other puck bunnies, he can think again. He wants her back? He’ll have to work for it. This time around, she’ll be the one in the driver’s seat…and she plans on driving him wild.


I loved book #1 and book #2 is just as amazing.

Logan just wants to forget his future but he can't get his mind off his best friends girl but when he meets Grace she is just the distraction he needs. Logan does something stupid and humiliates Grace but once the damage is done he realizes Grace was more than a distraction. Now he has his sights set on proving that she is the only one he wants. Grace has always blended into the background but after a summer to sulk over Logan she is ready for a fresh start. She might forgive Logan but if he wants more than a friendship he is going to have to work his butt off to prove he's worthy. Logan has other issues that are weighing him down and his future is bleak but with Grace in it maybe it won't be so bad. Some hot sex scenes - nothing to ranch. Fantastic ending. We get more of Hannah & Garrett. Can't wait for Dean's story!

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Ebook erotica review lady porn

Dorothy Kelley is a born romantic, searching for her prince. Instead she finds herself pregnant at fifteen, and in a loveless marriage by the tender age of eighteen.

Then hope comes riding into her life on a motorcycle and within weeks, Jason “Jase” Brady, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club, sweeps Dorothy off her feet.

But nothing is ever simple for Dorothy. Jase is married with children. And as Dorothy patiently waits for Jase to give her the happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming about, James “Hawk” Young, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen with secrets of his own, sees an opening into Dorothy’s life and takes it.

Carrying on two secret affairs is no easy feat. As Dorothy tries to dig herself out of the mess she’s created, covering one mistake with another, tragedy strikes, nearly costing Dorothy her life and that of her unborn son.

What follows is a long and painful journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, as Dorothy comes to realize that home was exactly where she’d left it, and the love she’d forever craved had always been within her reach.

This is the story of Dorothy, Jase, and Hawk.

We are all born pure; it is our journey that burdens us and leads us astray. Our mistakes that beat us down and cover us in guilt and shame, burying us a little more with each passing hardship. It is up to us to dig ourselves out, to come to terms with our faults, to embrace not only our imperfections but those of the ones we love, and to once again find the path we strayed from.

Warning: This is not a conventional or predictable love story. It involves one woman and two men bound by a love so destructive it spans two decades, pitting brother against brother, and shattering the lives of those touched by it


I love love love this series. 

This isn't a love triangle like you may have read before. Dorothy is fully aware that Jase has a wife and I think she knows he will never leave her. Jase, he is a hot mess after Dorothy's accident. He looses everything and it takes him a very long time to realizes what is most important in life. Now Jase is on the road to redemption and it's going to a long and bumpy road. Dorothy has been through a lot in her life and she feels like she is constantly making the wrong choices. When Hawk goes missing Dorothy starts to realize that all of her choices have brought her to the place she was meant to be.  Life is never as easy as that for her now she will have to wait to have her happily ever after~ but somethings are worth the wait.  We get updates on the whole gang and things get set up for the next book.