Friday, May 22, 2015


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How do you come back from the biggest screw-up of your life? That's the question for Lawton Rastor, the billionaire bad boy from Detroit, after he lets the girl of his dreams not just slip through his fingers, but run away, fast – and with good reason. How do you resist a guy who's irresistible? That's the question for Chloe Malinski, the world's most overqualified waitress, after a nightmarish night leaves her vowing to avoid her fantasy guy for good – no matter how hard he works to win her back.

Chloe finds Lawton impossible to resist. Lawton finds Chloe impossible to forget. But finding that place to belong isn't easy when neither one knows where the other truly comes from. 


Chloe still hasn't come clean to Lawton about her house sitting gig- which of course is silly but in her mind she just wants to belong somewhere. When things go horribly wrong and Lawton gets the wrong idea Chloe is done with him. Chloe did the right thing by walking away but her heart is telling her she didn't. When she finds herself in a predicament she has no choice but to call Lawton to bail her out. What she is about to put him through is more than any person should be asked to take. Lawton really sets up and proves himself to Chloe and she is ready for a future with him. Things still get a little wild. Not much sex in this one but the ending was amazing. I can't wait to dive into Bishop's book "Illegal Fortunes"

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