Monday, March 13, 2017



Never stand between two brothers.
Especially when one’s a big bad lumberjack, and the other is blackmailing you.
I have to steal a priceless family ring—right off the lumberjack’s finger.
I’ll have to get close. Really close. Close enough to taste him.
I seduce him, I jack the ring, and I get away clean. Almost clean…

Jack Renshaw traded his family fortune away for a cabin in the woods and an axe in his hands. He’s a real man, one that craves honest work. When I see him in the mountains swinging that axe, I can’t help but notice how right his forearms look gripping that thick, hard wood. 

Yeah, he might just be the perfect man. For someone else. 

His half-brother Aldus is blackmailing me. He’s holding my sister hostage, and the only way to save her is to steal a precious family heirloom from right off Jack’s finger. 

It should be easy. Stay calm. Control my feelings. Do what I have to do—and whatever I do—don’t fall for him. 

I should have known nothing would ever be easy when it came to him. His hands are good for more than swinging an axe, and those calloused fingers feel just right against my skin. I only have to give him one night. It’s not real. I’m just doing what I need to save my sister. 

I don’t look back, at least not until I realize he’s put a little lumberjack inside of me. 


I would say this book is between a 3 and a 4 but it was just a tad on the cheesy side. Great writing, loved the characters though. 

Elisabeth has to save her sister and she will even break her heart to do so. When she sets on the journey to steal Jack's ring she never thought she would develop feelings for him from a one night stand. However, she got more than she bargained for and now she has to keep her family safe. Elisabeth kept not only Jack in the dark about his son but her sister as no clue the things she did for her. When she comes face to face with jack again after a few years she has to come clean about everything. It's insta love and Jack is going to figure out how to keep them safe. Of course things turn dangerous but luckily it all turns out well. Some hot steamy juicy sex scenes. Great ending. 

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