Thursday, March 30, 2017



Your first love is nothing to joke about. It’s powerful, overwhelming, and something that haunts you forever. When your first love is severed, you lose a piece of your soul. Your world shatters.

My first love, Amos Marshall, left something behind for me. He promised me forever and gave that to me. It’s the GRAVITY that keeps my universe held together. This natural phenomenon keeps me whole to move forward every single day of my life.

Back in his hometown with a life-changing secret to reveal, the problem is I’m too greedy to give up the last piece of Amos that I hold dear.

Gravitational attraction has a funny way of pulling new people into your life. It’s unwanted, but the force is tenacious. 

Cub Stent storms into my life piecing together my secret. He fills dark mysterious holes that have been vacant for years. 

Does my heart have room for a second love?

Only Gravity will know.


It was rough reading Gracie & Amos's story knowing what happens to Amos from Royal Atlas. Amos is the class clown that happens to be very handsome. He sets his sites on Gracie and she loves him back with all she has. Unfortunately things don't turn out for them but even know they are ripped apart they still hold it together. Just when things are finally going to go their way it all ends. When she meets Cub it's the first time since Amos that she's had any kind of feels towards a man. Things escalate quickly and even when Cub's secret comes out there isn't too much drama about it. There are many more hurdles and even some dangerous situations they will go through but this time Gracie gets her hea. Some hot sex scenes. Great ending.

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