Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thick & Thin


My love was thick.

Her faith was thin.

Somewhere in the middle is where life found us.

I claimed her when I was a boy.

I held her until I was a man.

She was my first thought every morning, my last smile at night, and a million memories in between.

Then one night, with her warmth still lingering on the sheets, Aly King walked away from me, from us, from our life.

They say time heals all wounds, but not for me.

Not when my heart is empty.

Not when there is nothing but a sea of meaningless faces wherever I go.

It always comes back to her.

Aly needs reminding of how drunk our love made us, before she forgets completely.

Before we lose our chance.

Before we are irrevocably broken.


Ransom always thought Aly was his end game. She may have walked away from him but he figured when he was ready to settle down she would be there waiting. Now he is witness to another man staking claim to her and he isn't liking it very much. He makes things worse at every turn. Aly wants to let Ransom go but he is deep in her heart as is his family. When he gets hurt her first instinct is to run to him but then she realizes she has promised her future to another man. She is hurt and confused. Ransom needs to do a bit so soul searching if he is ever going to win Aly back. Aly feels she can never be with Ransom because of a secret she holds close. When it finally comes out they can move forward to their future. Not many sex scenes. These characters will blow your mind. We also get a story about Kona and Kiera mixed in there. Fantastic ending. 

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