Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bare Knuckle Bride

They call him Tommy ‘The Wolf’ Connelly. 
He's devastatingly handsome, with a blazing uppercut to boot. 
His occupation? Knocking grown men out cold. 
There's no way in hell he could be a good husband, let alone a good dad...right? 

When the nerdy Devon Bell hits Vegas for spring break of her senior year at Harvard, she’s ready for some relaxation, sightseeing, and maybe a party or two. After all, she’s earned it. Her daunting degree in computer science didn’t earn itself. 

A night on the town with a wild friend lands her ringside at a heavyweight boxing match. Devon can’t keep her eyes off the off the striking underdog fighter. There’s something so familiar about him. 

After Tommy Connelly’s blockbuster win, it’s no surprise to find hot girls lining up outside his locker room. But this time, it’s hometown girl Devon Bell, the beautiful but slightly nerdy girl he was in love with back in high school. Devon’s all grown up, and Tommy’s more than happy to pick up where they left off. 

There’s only one wrinkle in their plans: a touch of “stomach flu” that turns out to be something neither one of them expected. 


I liked to characters in this book but they were missing something deeper for me. They had an innocent love when they were young but social status & Devon's focus on Academics kept them apart. Now that Devon has gone off the course her parents have laid out for her she crosses paths with Tommy. They instantly connect and everything falls into place for their happily ever after - the only speed bump is Devon's parents. A few sex scenes. Good ending . 

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