Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fractures in Ink


Sometimes the things we shouldn't want become exactly what we need...

Waitressing at a seedy strip club isn't ideal, but it pays Sarah Adamson's tuition. Her goal is to finish her master's program and get a job that doesn't involve tight skirts and groping hands. She doesn't need distractions. Especially not the one that comes in the form of a hot-as-sin tattoo artist who works across the street from her apartment.

Kicked out at sixteen, and a high school dropout, Chris Zelter is familiar with wanting things he can't have. His fractured life has never been easy. As the product of someone else's bad decisions, he knows exactly what happens when the wrong person controls your marionette strings. Now an accomplished tattoo artist in a renowned studio in Chicago, Chris has it together.


Apart from his infatuation with Sarah. She's way out of his league, and Chris knows it.
But he's willing to be her bad decision. At least for now.


Sarah is a smart girl on the way to a great career but she is working in a seedy place to pay the bills in the meantime. When she makes a deal with the devil she knows she can't drag chris down with her he's got enough going on in his life without her adding to his problems. Chris knows that what him and Sarah have isn't a forever thing but when she breaks things off he's starting to wondering how he can get her back. It's a long road for these two to drop their walls and let each other in. Things come to a head and it's could get dangerous for Sarah but luckily she has someone looking out for her. Chris just needs to let Sarah in and realize he's good enough for her. The sex scenes are hot. The ending is good.


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