Monday, December 26, 2016

Craving Molly


Will Hawthorne has been running since the day his baby brother was killed. 

He takes the jobs no one else wants, pitches in when he’s needed and never complains, all in an effort to win back the trust of his brothers at the Aces and Eights Motorcycle Club. 

Then he catches sight of Molly Duncan across a crowded bar. 

He’d grown up with her, known her when she had lopsided pigtails and buck teeth, and had watched uninterested as she’d caught the eye of their high school football star. 

She’d also been his nurse on the worst night of his life. 

He wants her and he gets her… and it’s better than he could have ever imagined. 

But Molly isn’t interested in his life at the MC. She’s got her own life as a nurse and a single mom to her little girl. 

As Molly and Will grow closer, Will is pulled in two different directions. 

Life with the Aces or life with Molly and her daughter. 

When he leaves Molly without a word, his decision is clear. 

He knows immediately that it was the wrong one. 

Unfortunately for Will, a strong woman like Molly doesn’t forgive easily. 


Molly is a single mother at a young age & no time for much else. When she comes face to face with Will she isn't about to turn him away. It takes a bit but they finally settle into things but Will has some demons chasing him & he's not sure Molly will accept his life style. Just when Molly needs him the most he bails. He realizes his mistake but it's to late Molly is done. They both move forward without each other but when things go dangerously bad in Mollys life Will is the only one she knows to run to. Will knows he won't let her go this time but it's going to take time to convince Molly of that. Rocky road for these two but they finally figure it out. Some very hot steamy sex scenes. Good ending.


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