Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dirty Shame


"We were prisoners of forbidden love, just like Romeo and Juliet but without the poetic, old English double speak and Italian marble balconies."

A coal miner’s son, Kellan Braddock always knew he’d follow in his late dad’s steel toed boots. He also always knew that he’d never love anyone as much he loved Rylan Merritt. But sometimes love isn't enough.

Seven years ago, Rylan Merritt left Bluefield Ridge with her heart in tatters. Now she’s back. And Kellan Braddock, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the boy who she loved beyond anything has grown into a man. Will she risk her heart again?


It's a forbidden love, Wrong side of Tracks love, Can't end well love, etc....
Kellan has loved Rylan since she laid eyes on her but he had to let her go. It took a long time to get over her. Rylan moved on she was engaged to be married but when that fell apart she came home. When these two see each other again after 7 year they is no doubt that either of them have moved on. Now that Kellan has her back in his arms he's not giving her up for anything. It will be a trick road to navigate with forces against them and Rylan not even knowing the whole story. Eventually everything comes out and when the dust settles these two can move on to their HEA. Some hot, steamy sex scenes. Good ending. 


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