Friday, November 11, 2016

Hard Tackle


It’s my job to keep him out of trouble… He’s not about to make it easy for me. 

I avoid cocky, arrogant men like the plague. Just my luck, I’m now forced to work with one. 

It sounded simple enough – keep tabs on the superstar quarterback Barton Fenner. How difficult would it be to keep him from making an ass out of himself? 

More difficult than I thought. 

Barton’s idea of fun is enough to make me want to run a mile, but that’s easier said than done. I mean, look at him! Resisting temptation is going to take a lot more than I’m prepared to handle. 


Her sole job is to spoil my fun. 

The coach wants me to stop getting caught with my hand in the honey pot. Kristi wants me to steer clear of the parties and the revolving door of adoring female fans. 

I don’t know much, but I do know that Kristi is doing something to me – something that will change everything, including my womanizing ways. 

She can try to resist my charms, but if history is proof of anything, she won’t stand a chance. 


This story is one I have read before but it had it's own twists and turns. 

Kristi is just coasting along in life but she doesn't seem to be having much fun. When she get's assigned to Barton Fenner is in for a whole lot of man. Barton is the guy everyone wants to be, he just signed a contract with the NFL and he is living it up. Now he needs someone to stomp down his fun or at least the pictures of his fun. Barton wants Kristi as soon as he see's her but it will take him some work to wear her down. Barton falls in line instantly and he tries to deny his feelings for Kristi almost to the bitter end. When he finally gives in to his feelings things blow up. Now there's a mess to sort out. Some hot, steamy sex scenes. Fantastic ending.


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