Saturday, November 26, 2016



Bowtie...'till I DIE. 

Samuel Clearwater, A.K.A Preppy, likes bowties, pancakes, suspenders, good friends, good times, good drugs, and a good f*ck.

He’s worked his way out from beneath a hellish childhood and is living the life he’s always imagined for himself. When he meets a girl, a junkie on the verge of ending it all, he’s torn between his feelings for her and the crippling fear that she could be the one to end the life he loves.

Andrea ‘Dre’ Capulet is strung out and tired.

Tired of living for her next fix. Tired of doing things that make her stomach turn. Tired of looking in the mirror at the reflection of the person she’s become. Just when she decides to end it all, she meets a man who will change the course of both their lives forever.

And their deaths.

For most people, death is the end of their story.
For Preppy and Dre, it was only the beginning…


At the end of lawless we were stunned to find out Preppy was alive! Preppy is a bit disturbing in the previous books but when we get up close and personal with him we find out what a big heart he has. Don't get me wrong he is still a disturbing man but a beautiful one too. When he meets Dre his instincts get side tracked and he wants to help her. Dre is fighting demons but she getting cleaning however when something happens to her grandmother it sends her chasing the dragon. Preppy wants to keep Dre but he knows once the lies he told come out she will be gone. This doesn't stop him from taking what he wants from her to maybe sate his craving for her. Dre leaves and we all know what happens to preppy -he supposedly died. Years later it's time for Dre to put closure on her love for Preppy so she pays a visit to his friends. That's when another twist it set in to motion and we have to wait until the next book before we get answers. Some hot brutal sex scenes. 


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