Monday, May 27, 2013

The Mesmer Society

ebook erotica review BDSM college

Part 2 - Photojournalism student Elliot Reid has just been accepted into the Mesmer Society, the most exclusive and mysterious club on campus. But she isn’t sure she’s ready for the dark and lustful ways of the secret society. However, some people in the club already have plans for her...

While she tries to make up her mind through clouded judgment and confusing desires, she gets thrown into a spiral of events that blurs the line between fantasy and harsh reality.

Caught in the Mesmers’ web of sex, power exchange and wealth, Elliot is about to realize that the worst of her trials might well be to fall in love...


Wow another hot installment!
Elliot is really trying to fight her desires- desires she didn't even know she has.
Choices are taken from her but she doesn't seem to mind. Things get brutal but from that she get's Luke's tenderness. But the hits just keep coming for poor Elliot.
Ending leaves you craving more!


"Coffee is not an appropriate meal and you cannot actually get your vitamins from the colored sprinkles on pop-tarts."

ebook erotica review BDSM

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