Thursday, June 1, 2017



Milena Wellington, general manager of the Wellington Plaza, may have been raised in a world of privilege, but she’s worked hard for her professional success, and she’s not about to let anyone take that from her. The problem? Her love life is in shambles, she’s sleeping on her friend’s couch, her coworkers are constantly plotting behind her back, and she’s stalking an intense, slightly arrogant, tattooed firefighter she had a one-night stand with. 

Being a firefighter was never a choice for Caleb Ryan. His destiny was decided when his life was shattered. He’s never veered from the course and temptation has never led him astray. The problem? Women serve a purpose, but love… he's incapable of it. That is until he can't stop thinking about the witty yet incredibly sexy brunette he met Christmas Eve. For one night, this exotic beauty sparked a fire inside of him, and he can't let her go. 


This story is about two people who weren't looking for love but found it nonetheless. Caleb has a pretty good life as far as he can see it even know he is haunted by his past. He's a firefighter because that's what he's meant to do. When Mila comes into his life he keeps pulling her in then pushing her away. He thinks he just wants her for sex but somewhere along the why he ends up needing her. Mila is sort of a hot mess. She is trying to prove herself in her job and to her father but she keeps making poor choices. She ends up falling for Caleb and tends to understand him better than he understands himself. She's determined to be there for him when his world comes crashing down. Caleb will have to figure out if Mila is worth the fight. A lot of hot, steamy sex scenes. Fantastic ending.


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