Monday, July 25, 2016

Hard Luck


Meet Brady Luck...

Slugger. Hot shot. MVP.
I’ve been called it all.
I was the real deal, baby.
The diamond was my battlefield.
Women were the victory celebration.
My "Lucky" streak was a given.
On and off the field.

Then I slept with the wrong woman,
And she cursed me.
Turned my game upside-down,
In the ballpark...and bedroom.
Now my team is paying the price.

My last hope is Cali Jones,
A smart and sexy physician assistant.
Her Midas touch may fix my swing,
Repair my equipment.
But will it be enough to cure my hard luck?


Brady is a cocky man-whore who plays a mean game of baseball . He is the king of Chicago who everyone is hoping will bring the team out of this 40 year curse. Cali has a crush of Brady but really what women in Chicago doesn't ? When they briefly cross paths Brady knows without a doubt she is the forever kind of girl too bad he's not looking for forever. When things go downhill for him he finds himself crossing her path again but this time he figures out real quick that he needs her. His finess is lacking when is comes to Cali but he's not use to having to work at it. Cali fights the attraction but she isn't completely stupid when it comes to what Brady offers her. Things heat up quickly but Cali holds back because she wants to protect her heart. Brady is slow on the uptake with his feelings but eventually someone points out the obvious to him. Some hot steamy sex scenes . Fantastic ending.