Friday, June 24, 2016


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Hi, my name's Linc, and I'm an MMA fighter who’s in love with a porn star. 

Okay so maybe I'm not in love with Eve Kelly, but I'm completely freakin' obsessed with her, addicted even. Hell, I know that for years I've been using Eve as an escape from reality. Why? Because my heart was not only ripped out of my chest by my high school sweetheart, she crushed it into so many pieces that I still haven’t found them all. 

But now it’s high time I stop lettin' the past haunt me and a porn star own me. And how exactly am I gonna do that? By confrontin’ my demons, or in this case one incredibly sexy demoness, I’ll finally be able to get my social life back. 

I didn’t consider the possibility that I could fall even harder for her. 


I've never been as mortified as I am in this very moment. The spotlights are blinding me as I stand on stage in nothing but a white thong bikini, all because my little sister Mandy, aka the kinky porn star Eve Kelly, is at the moment passed out in a hotel room, high as a kite. Since she owes a loan shark more than thirty thousand dollars, I agreed to fill in for her tour appearance tonight at one of the local strip clubs. 

With only thirteen months between us, a few pounds, and slightly different shade of blue eyes, there’s nothing else preventing Mandy and I from passing as identical twins. In fact, the crowd of disgusting, perverted men doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea they’re actually being scammed. If I can just get through two hours of taking selfies with drunk bastards, I'll be able to go home, shower in Clorox, and get back to my normal life. 

Or at least that was the plan, until a gorgeous MMA fighter paid a shitload of money for Eve to give him a private lap dance.


Claire is out of her element trying to pass herself off as her sister. When she comes face to face with the gorgeous Linc Abrams she no longer feels dirty she wants to have one moment with this man even if its her sister he wants. All the signs are there that Claire is not Eve but Linc is slow on the uptake but he is having a hard time in general because his obsession with Eve just became that much harder to overcome since she blew every fantasy he had of her out of the water. These two keep meeting and outside sources are filling their heads with things that will lead to disaster. Once the dust settles and Linc finds out who Claire is it changes things. They get back on the right track just to have it all blow up now they are both left heart broken. Now that they are in the same room they can air it all out and get back to their happily ever after.  Some hot steamy sex scenes. Fantastic ending. 

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