Saturday, June 25, 2016


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Women loathed me without even knowing my name. Men coveted the very idea of me.

Escort. Call girl. Prostitute. Hooker. Whore.

I'd heard it all. Done it all. 

Over the years I'd felt a lot of things about my occupation...but not regret--never regret. I had my reasons for doing what I did and nothing and no one had ever made me question them.


He'd changed me and I'd naively fed into the fairy tale.

But Marco wasn't my Prince Charming. He had secrets of his own. Secrets that would eventually rip away everything I held dear.


Brandi is a high end hooker but she has her reasons. She never falls for her johns but there's something different about Marco. He not your average business man Brandi knows whatever he does it's dangerous . When her life is at risk because of him he moves her into his life so he can keep a close eye on her. Things go from blissful to ugly in a matter of minutes and Brandi will never forgive Marco. Hot steamy sex scenes . 
The endings a cliff hanger. 

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