Thursday, December 10, 2015


ebook erotica review rocker romance

People float in and out of our lives and sometimes, when you least expect it one person changes everything.

Tessa Ashby was abandoned in an East Coast boarding school, merely existing, never truly feeling loved. Before fulfilling obligations her father has sentenced her to, she escapes and breathes eight weeks of freedom in southern California.

Bodhi loves: his music, his body and his buddies...the order is debatable depending on the day. His past taught him to be selective with the people he trusts. Bodhi doesn’t date, and he was lucky if he remembered a woman's name. He was alone in a world of people. All that changed when an innocent, brown-eyed, smart mouthed beauty showed up on his doorstep.

Are they the answer to each other’s prayers or will manipulation and deception destroy them?


Tessa is naive to say the least and Bodhi is a lot to take in. She just wants a summer to have fun and be free but turns out it's a summer of love and lose. Bodhi doesn't do relationships but when he meets Teesa he knows he has to have her. Its one mistake after another but once Bodhi explains things Tessa is quick to understand. Just when things are going good between them it all blows up in an epic way. They are manipulated to keep them apart and it works for 4 long years but when they finally find their way back it's still a struggle. Bodhi is no fool and he finds a way to keep them together. In the end not only will they get their HEA but another couple that is long over due for theirs finally get what they deserve. Some hot, juicy, steamy sex scenes. Fantastic ending. 

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