Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bad Boy's Baby

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Play-maker. Trouble-maker. 

Star professional quarterback Jack Carson has the worst reputation in the league. He’s arrogant and gorgeous, and if he’s not in bed with a new woman, he’s sleeping off the party in a jail cell.

But now he’s gotten in trouble too many times and needs my help to protect his career. As his publicist, I’ve hidden his dirty exploits and silenced the sexy rumors…but I missed the hottest scandal of the year.

Apparently, Jack and I are dating.

When the manwhore lies to the league and claims we’re in a committed relationship, he jeopardizes both our jobs. I can’t trust the tattooed bad boy, but now I’m stuck defending him. I have to make him seem respectable—no matter what.

But his shameful reputation isn’t fixed with a few photos of us on a date. With the league determined to expel him for bad-behavior, Jack has only one option to convince them he’s wholesome, dependable, and responsible. 

Jack Carson wants to start a family.

And he’s chosen me to give him the baby.


Jack is a hot, cocky, amazing football player that ends up in hot water at every turn. When he digs himself a hole he might not get out of he decides to drag Leah in with him in hopes she can drag him back out. Jack has always thought Leah was beautiful but now that he is getting up close and personal with her he is stunned by her beauty and he isn't about to let her go. Leah however has always had a plan for her future but Jack isn't the type of man that fits into her plans but she can't resist him charm or what he has to offer her. It's a bumpy ride for these two to figure out how make it work and to really know where each other's heart is when it comes to a relationship. The sex throughout is hot, steamy & juicy. Fantastic ending. 

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