Monday, April 17, 2017

Perfect Spiral


~ Quinton Dunn ~ 

I had the perfect life. 
Getting paid millions to play the sport I love and spending most of my nights with all the adoring female fans, what more could I possibly want? 
I sure as hell didn’t want the baby boy someone dropped on me before running, leaving behind a note saying he’s mine. 
If that’s true, then I don’t have a freakin’ clue who his mother could be. 
Until I get the paternity test results, though, the kid’s my responsibility. 
The sleepless nights with a crying baby have me crashing and burning on the football field, putting my superstar career in jeopardy. 
And suddenly, the only woman I want hates me with a fiery passion. I knew Callie wasn’t going to be easy to win over. Not when she blames me for her sister’s death. 
Oh, and if this baby turns out to be my son, Callie’s determined to take him away from me. 
Somehow I’ll have to find a way to prove to her that there’s more to me than my perfect spiral. 


This situation is one hot mess.
Quinton is a god on the football field and off but lately, these women are grating on his nerves. When his world gets turned upside down he never thought it would bring the one woman he has been searching for with it. Callie admits Quinton is devastatingly handsome but she wants nothing to do with him until he wears her down that is. When he agrees to give Callie what she wants he takes it as his duty to provide it. They get into a comfortable route but Callie has trust issues & Quinton's hot status isn't helping things. Quinton is determined to make things work with Callie and he will do what he has up to prove his love to her. Some hot steamy juicy sex scenes. Fantastic ending.

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