Tuesday, March 22, 2016


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Finn Marshall survived several tours in Afghanistan before the billionaire father he barely remembers changed everything. Now he has it all: money, cars and most importantly, power. Power to track down the woman who left him for a richer man. 

Marissa Blake dragged herself out of poverty one client at a time, so she's thrilled when her company, Maid-4-U, gets a huge contract for a luxury penthouse. Until she sees who owns it. 

Now to save her struggling business, Finn demands everything she once promised him. Money can't buy him happiness but it can buy him one thing: REVENGE 


I didn't feel a connections with these characters. Finn is kind of a mess and he just wants to make the girl who broke his heart pay. When Marissa finally is in Finn's present he can't be mean or hateful to her. Marissa made the biggest mistake of her life by leaving Finn and she paid for that mistake dearly.  Everything feels right when she's with Finn but she isn't sure of his motives. She's having a hard time trusting him and when she fully lets her guard down he lets her down. Now Finn needs to man up and take care of himself before he can go after his girl. Some hot sex scenes -nothing to raunchy. The ending was a bit rushed. 

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