Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stone Deep

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She was gone. She’d been so unreal, I almost wondered if I'd just imagined her. But her sweet perfume still lingered on my skin and on the sheets. I couldn't get rid of the disappointing feeling that kept inching into my gut knowing that I wasn't ever going to see her again.

BRITTON Something about him made me want to forget anything that troubled me and throw all caution and reason and rational thought to the wind.

Slade Stone needs to straighten out his life. It's time, he decides, to get a real job, steer clear of trouble and think about a future. But his good intentions go completely awry when Britton Henley stumbles into his life and his heart. Now, like it or not, Slade is in deep.

Britton Henley is out for one thing—revenge. The last thing she expected on her path to avenge her twin sister's death was to lose her heart to Slade Stone.


I love all the Stone brothers. When Britton crashes into Slade's life he doesn't know what hit him. Well she didn't come crashing in more like he  swooped into her's. Britton is just getting by still reeling from her sister's death and trying to find answers. Slade is the unattached brother and is feeling a little lost in life right now. He is trying to find his path when Britton starting taking up all of his thoughts. They set off on an adventure that has them both wanting more from each other. Just when it looks like they might be on their way to ever after Britton's undealt with past come blowing everything up. Now Britton is faced to get her life on the right track and hopefully Slade will still be there when she does. 
Lots of hot, steamy, juicy sex scenes. Good ending- was hoping for a bit more. 

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