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The moment you think everything is perfect in your life, it can all come tumbling down on top of you.

Shattered Souls hasn’t seen each other in months. Deception and ghosts from the past have torn them apart, leading them their separate ways. When they realize they need to solve their differences and get back together for the sake of the band, they can’t find their lead singer, Rook Tyler, who’s been missing for months
Twisted Perfection is just coming off the high of yet another tour but this time, they weren’t riding the coat tails of Shattered Souls. Even though they’ve become more popular, all of the success from the last tour means nothing to Maisy as she continues to struggle daily from the loss of Rook.

Fame finds both of the bands but sometimes, it can be lonely at the top. Both bands realize if they want to succeed, they have to drop their differences and join together, but it’s never that easy. Lovers, drugs, people’s pasts and death get in the way, while they try to travel down the bumpy road toward fame.


 If you haven't read Meghan Quinn's books then you are in for an amazing treat! 
Most books give you a series and each book follows a couple but not Meghan she gives you all the characters pov's in each and every book! There is so much going on you won't be able to put it down!

Rook & Maisy they are my favorites so lets start there. Rook crushed Maisy but he has his very valid reasons for hurting her now he has lost her forever. Maisy just can't get over the vision of what Rook did to her she's existing but not living. Rook finally pulls himself out of the gutter and is determined to win Maisy back but it's a hard road and one he's not sure if he can endure. Maisy knows Rook is the only one for her but can she get past the hurt? Slowly these two embark on a journey back to each other. 
Cruz is crass and loves to stir the pot with anyone he can.   He is all about an easy lay but when a Hawaiian beauty enters his world he is starting to think he wants more than just sex. Cruz isn't one for finesse when it comes to words and he just might have run off what could have been the love of his life. 
Grey he has a lot of soul searching to do and a lot of forgiveness to dish out. It takes awhile for him to come around but he finally does. As for his love life well he has his heart set on a damaged beauty that is on a downward spiral, Willow. Holy moly it's tough reading about Willow because she is on the road that will most certainly lead her to her final days. Willow does hit bottom and Grey is there to help her pick up the pieces but we will have to wait and see what the future holds for them. 
Landon & Quinn are in a blissful bubble and yes that bubble pops so grab your tissues it's a heart breaker. 
Everyone is still a mess but some are on the right road. Can't wait for more!
Oh the sex scenes- hot, juicy & steamy!

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