Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jake Me

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Jake Bishop can take a punch, but can he take the chance of losing Luna, the one girl who melts his heart? She's still in danger. He's still afraid of ruining her. Together, they're one hot mess looking for a place called home. Will they find it with each other? Or go down in flames, trying?


To say these two are a hot mess is an understatement! Luna finds trouble and crazy people at every turn - it's almost comical. Luna needs to trust Jake and remember that she has known him since she was 12 but she forgets and ends up believing the worst in him. Jake loves Luna and wants to keep her safe but she hurts him when she doesn't trust him but that doesn't mean he won't be there to protect her. It's a rocky road for them but once Luna sees the truth everything falls into place. The sex was minimal and nothing detailed. Good ending.

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