Thursday, July 30, 2015


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He was my protector. My savior. He would have done anything for me.

Now he's a criminal, and he's taken everything.

He's my stepbrother and I hate him.

I'm homeless, jobless, desperate. And I had to come crawling back. To him.

Bad enough my college money went to post his bail, now I have to work in the same, seedy bar he deals out of, too, just to get by? And listen to him with girl after girl, night after night, while he walks around all shirtless and sexy during the day?

I'm going crazy--wanting him. I know I shouldn't.

Maybe he was once my Prince Charming, but now he's just a big, tattooed, pierced, cocky prick.

Problem is, even though he cut contact with me two years ago, I couldn't turn off the feeling I had for him. He's back, and my feelings are back too.

Now he's in trouble, with his gang, with the law.

And me... I'm in trouble, too.


Abigail is a young (18 years old) beautiful girl that is a bit more prim & proper than the place she lives in these days. Her future was planned out but it was all taken away from her in a blink of an eye. Now she is forced to live with her step brother who doesn't want her there. It would seem that Kaiden is just cruel doing things that make Abigail want to flee. As time goes on we come to find out that Kaiden is out to protect her from his life style so he does want her as far away from him as possible. Abigail has loved Kaiden for longer than she can remember, she knows it's wrong but she can't help what her heart wants. Kaiden also has feelings for her and it becomes a sticky mess. Danger is lurking and they will be lucky to get out of it alive. Once the dust settles Kaiden sends her packing. Broken hearted Abigail makes a fresh start but just as she's getting settle a little surprise pops up blowing everything to hell. Now she has a tough decision and one she can't make without Kaiden but how will he react?
Lot's of hot steamy juicy dirty sex. Fantastic ending. 

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