Tuesday, November 17, 2015

StepBrother Backstage

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He makes me feel embarrassed…ashamed…and most of all…horny. 

Finn—the youngest of the three Hawthorne brothers, he’s the panty-melting lead guitarist of the band The Few, and a cocky, confident, tattooed sex god. 

He also happens to be the son of my mom’s new boyfriend—and totally off-limits. 

But I can’t help the way my body betrays me when he walks in on me changing. The way his eyes linger…the way his pants harden… 

Or when he purposefully walks out of the shower naked, making sure I get a full view of his huge d*ck. 

We have to endure an entire summer of this torture—stuck in a house with our crazy family members, our bedrooms only a few feet away, our young bodies wanting nothing more than to come together. 

We’ll just have to make sure to be quiet… 


I can't say I was a fan of Finn's in the beginning. He was kind of a jerk to Anna but then again she was kind of a push over too. Once they got past the crappy part things were hot. They of course kept things under wraps but when things in the house blew up they ran off together. Anna didn't really have much of a choice since she had no where to go. Things fall into place with Finn & Anna but of course all good things must blow up in your face right? They do and it sends Anna running. Now all the Hawthornes and Porters are together again and it get's laid on the line. Surprisingly one parent steps up and one doesn't. A lot of hot steamy juicy sex. Fabulous ending. 

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