Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quaterback Bait

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I wanted to bite her perfect lips, suck on her perfect tits, and take her beautiful body all for myself…but then I found out she was only seventeen.

I’m the University of Texas’ star quarterback, favored first round draft pick for the Denver Broncos, and a living f*cking legend—the last thing I need right now is a piece of jailbait with a sh*t ton of baggage.

But I can’t get her out of my mind. I can’t shake the feeling of pure unapologetic thirst for her body.

She’s not like the typical jersey-chasing sluts and super models that keep the football team entertained between games…she’s smart, infuriating, independent…a pretty young thing with a dark past and bright future.

She tries to act tough, but I know she’s scared.
She tries to act confident, but I know she’s insecure.
She tries to act bad, but deep down I know she’s as pure as an angel.

Nothing will stop me from getting to her—not my team, not my friends, not even the fact that our parents are getting married.

And when she finally meets the beast between my legs, she’ll really know what it’s like to be bad. 


Ash is young but she is a tough cookie. When her and Landon have their first chance meeting it was magical but cut short when Landon found out her age. When they cross paths again it's because their parents are together. Things are awkward and Landon has a sort of girlfriend throughout most of the book. I think the stepbrother element is silly because their parents weren't together very long nor didn't they actually live as a unit. Landon has his own issues to deal with but there is no doubt he wants Ash. Once they sort things out they decide keep their relationship under wraps for a bit but outside sources like to start drama and things get hairy. There was a lot of sex scenes - not all Ash & Landon. The ending was ok would have liked a bit more closure. 

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